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In the immediate aftermath of the trauma of losing a loved one it is a natural instinct for some people to want to phone the Clergy first.

Although the Clergy can offer emotional support at this point, they cannot assist with dates and times of the funeral as these involve consultation with several other professionals.

It is best in the first instance to make your choice of funeral director and contact them directly. They will provide advice, make all the arrangements, and liaise with the Clergy (and, where necessary, the crematorium) in order to establish the date and time of the service. They will take their instructions from you to be as accommodating as possible. They will keep you regularly informed until these matters are settled.

It is after that the Clergy will contact you to arrange to make a visit. Today the Funeral Service contains a large element of thanksgiving for the life of the departed and many families/relatives like to participate in some way. The Clergy are there to advise you how to best to do this. They will also take care of arranging for the musical requirements if the service is to be held in church, otherwise any music desired at the crematorium should be notified via your undertaker.

If you wish your loved one to be buried or their ashes buried. Then you need to be aware that the Church of England have rules that we have to comply with these can be found by clicking on this link Churchyard Rules.

All costs involved will be handled by your funeral director.

The funeral directors most closely involved with funerals/cremations from this parish are:

Bakers Funeral Directors: 01245 221100

T. Pennack and Sons: 01245 471157

Co-operative Funeral Services Limited: 01245 353978