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About Our Chapel

The United Reformed Church (URC) is also steeped in history with links to Thomas Hooker, 1586–1647, who is considered to be one of the Founders of the State of Connecticut and Father of American Democracy. John Eliot also went out with Hooker and translated the Bible into the Massachusett language for one of the Native American people.


at the Chapel

Little Baddow United Reformed Church


We are a Village Church in a pleasant mid- Essex location near Chelmsford and accessible to London and Cambridge

Our Key features

a keen congregation and wider network of friends an active covenant with parish church, now in 17th year, agreeing “not to do separately what it is better to do together” an informed interest in Church and Community History in Essex and beyond a Historic Chapel founded in the 1620’s with links to New England and elsewhere.

We are looking for a self-supporting or recently retired URC minister (or URC recognised) to help  support and further develop our covenant with the parish Church while giving part-time  pastoral and spiritual care for at least three years

Free Accommodation as required, and expenses of office

If this interests you please contact our Church Secretary Andy Coppell